Committees help to run the operations of NVC and are an important part of our decentralized leadership. They are a great way to get involved in the work and community of NVC, and we encourage our members to join. If you would like to participate in any of the committees below, please send us an email.


Liturgy Committee

This committee is in charge of the weekly worship service. Their goal is to create space for worship that is meaningful, thought-provoking, and uplifting.  Utilizing a variety of art forms, diversity of sources and styles, and attention to the liturgical and national calendars, this team helps to make NVC worship a rich experience.


Generosity Committee

NVC values hospitality and generosity.  This committee creates spaces to be hospitable and generous both inside and outside the community.


Justice Committee

The Old & New Testaments are full of examples of God's prioritization of care for the oppressed and the marginalized, and NVC takes seriously the prophets' call to do justly.  This committee leads the NVC community in opportunities for both action and education, furthering our part in what Dr. Robyn Spencer calls "critical conversations about what liberation could look like."


Communication Committee

This committee keeps the congregation informed about our various activities, from service projects to special worship events and everything in between.  The primary way we stay updated is through our newsletter, which the Communication Committee sends out weekly.  You can sign up for the newsletter here.


HR Committee

This committee helps oversee the staff, including development of contracts and annual reviews.


In keeping with decentralized leadership, members of the congregation are nominated each year to join the Deacon and Elder teams.  The process of nominating, interviewing, and installing is overseen by this committee.

Nominating Committee