Kids at NVC

The Children's Ministry at Northland Village Church values three things above all else:

  1. Showing our faith to kids

  2. Intergenerational relationships with kids

  3. Safety for kids

We encourage kids to be a part of the singing, prayers, and liturgical elements that happen during the first part of the worship service. Midway through the service (prior to the sermon) parents have the opportunity to drop their kids off at the children’s space, but we also welcome children to remain with the congregation throughout the worship service - our time together is often noisy with the laughter and cries of children, and we welcome this commotion!

At NVC, kids interact with each other, share a snack, and are guided through a lesson. We always have lots of parents helping with the children’s ministry to make sure it is a safe and healthy place for all kids, from babies through 6th grade.